Monday, 12 March 2012

Mastering ripple!

I got a couple of crochet books for Christmas but with the move & all I didnt get a good chance to really sit down & study them the way I wanted to.
Well we are much more settled now at home &whilst have a flick through, this cushion cover in one of the books caught my eye. I really wanted to choose the wool in real life! rather than on the internet, so on the recommendation of a Scouting friend I went to town to a wool shop I didn't know existed! & found exactly what I wanted :)

The plan is to make 4 of these for our new lounge sofas. I'm totally loving this pattern as its easy to remember & with varigated wool there will be no major ends sewing- yay !! I did do a trial piece first just to be sure it was suitable for my novice skills & lucky for me the pattern is well written & easy to follow.

A couple more rows & I'll be sewing this beauty up. Then I'll show it to you again.

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