Saturday, 4 February 2012

My Month in Numbers.

Inspired by the posts made by Julie Kirk last year,
 I thought I would give My Month in Numbers ago in 2012.
As a different way of documenting my life.

January 2012

4067 miles travelled when returning from Florida.

1 new brand spanking house :)

1 Million boxes unpacked- or at least thats how it feels !!

3 pieces of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake consumed.

16 tradesmen on site - 2 carpet men, 4 builders, 2 decorators
1 carpenter, 2 electricians,1 plumber, 2 kitchen fitters, 
1 bathroom fitter, 1 gate man.

4 bouquets of  flowers delivered.
15 blog posts written.

60 change of address cards mailed.

2 new recipes tried - shortbread & lemon syllabub. 

Hope you enjoyed this numerical look at my month x


  1. wow that was a busy month xx

  2. Welcome aboard Sheena!

    Probably wasn't a good idea for me to read your post while I'm a bit peckish ... that cheesecake and the shortbread/syllabub are looking soooo lovely!

    Thanks for joining in, I've added you to the Pinterest board now:

    Julie :-)

    p.s: there's no such thing as 'late'! You're welcome to join in at any time.

  3. Your post made me hungry too!!! and congrats on your new home!!! (BTW, I love the photo of the map on the plane, I have to remember to do that next time I travel!)

  4. Wat a great list and what a busy month you have had.