Friday, 10 February 2012

10 on the 10th. Things I love...

Here are my 10 on the 10th.
As it's February I  thought I'd do ...

10 things I'm loving right now... in no particular order...

1. Enjoying exercise again, in particular Zumba. There nothing better than exercising with a smile on your face!

2. Baking with my baby, having a new kitchen is encouraging us to be more adventurous with our recipe choices.

3. Fresh Flowers, I never tire of these.

4. I love how snow can turn the building site our garden is into a pretty place!

5. Having fun & a laugh with this Guy xxx

6. Happy Mail, I love receiving stash through the post & hope to get messy with these very soon.

7. Got to dance TV Show, not only great all round family entertainment but also showing the amazing young talent this country has.

8.This cute little wooden  tape dispenser we found in Anthropologie in Florida, bit of an expensive buy but I love it all the same.

9. I know this is going to sound completely sad but I recently treated myself to one of these & like WOW I get the ironing down in half the time & with 5 of us I get loads including 15 shirts!!
I have managed to steam a couple of fingers but the pros really out way the cons :)

10. Having a craft space again, unpacking my supplies & rediscovering what I own, makes me want to create even more.

Please hop on over to Shimelle's blog, the founder of 10 on the 10th & have a read of others choices for today.
Many thanks for stopping by.


  1. Lovely list. I so want to try Zumba, everyone raves about it.

  2. I wish I were more coordinated to do Zumba! I enjoyed ready your list.

  3. Wow! your craft room is so tidy! I wonder when I can have the time again. I love all what you love doing although I haven't done zumba. I bet it's really fun. Thank you for sharing...

  4. Great list! Love your craft room photo! Now I want shelves for my punches.

  5. Fab 10 of 10, love the tape dispenser. x