Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Silhouette Love

I can't deny that I use my Silhouette more than any other cutting machine I've had in the past & I've had a few... I've been trying to analyse why that is. Firstly it's in a convenient place in my craft space close to my computer, rather than out of sight, out of mind like some other gadgets I've owned. It doesn't take much computer know how to get it set up & working. Also the Silhouette store sell low priced cut files which are all up to date with current trends making it easy to choose, buy & cut a shape as you need it.
A prime example is here on this page. I wanted a way to start my Singapore Holiday album & on browsing the store I saw this grid in their popular section.

Using a few left over photos,  some travel embellishments, stickers & some postage stamps I've created a title page I'm really happy with.
I know it's a gadget that may not suit everyone but for me it's just perfect.

Sheena x


  1. You can really tell how much you love your silhouette, this is gorgeous Sheena. As you know I love mine too, and I've had so many others I've kept close to hand but none have gotten used like the silhouette.

    By the way I haven't forgotten. I'll be posting out the hexi info soon xxx

  2. This is fab. I love, love my Cameo and like I too think its the best crafting product I've purchased ever.