Monday, 24 March 2014

See it, Pin it, Do it - March.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that last week my daughter turned 14! For each of my children I try & make them a special cake for their birthday. The boys found designs they fancied but my daughter struggled. So I turned to trusty Pinterest for ideas. I found loads of inspiration & this is what I made her...
for our family tea...
and these for her school friends as her birthday fell on a school day...
This was my first try at using fondant icing & really pleased with how they all look. TBH they were more fiddly than I had anticipated but luckily I had the time to play.
This was the inspiration image from Pinterest.
I'd call this a winner & more importantly my daughter( and her friends) loved them :)
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Sheena x


  1. These look amazing Sheena. I didn't think you could top those Cookie Monster cup cakes, but you have with the Minions. I bet your daughter's friends were delighted with them. Thanks for joining in again this month x

  2. haha they are brilliant x x

  3. These are amazing. A standout winner, I'd say

  4. Oh how fabulous. I'm guessing other mothers aren't going to be happy with you, when their daughters come home and expect cakes just as good lol