Monday, 31 March 2014

My Month in Numbers - March.

March has been another busy month for our household so here is an unique view of it using this wonderful system devised by Julie Kirk.


14 - Candles on our daughters birthday cake.
11 - Blog posts written.

944 - My Son's shirt number for the Coventry Half Marathon which he achieved in 2 hrs.
#100 Happy Days - A photo challenge I'm taking part in on Instagram & FB.

N20 & N21 - our seat numbers to see this funny Lady.
4 nights away crafting at 2 locations including...
12th GoGo Getaway retreat & my 11th. 
£8 million - Raised for Cancer Research via the #no make up selfie campaign which I participated in.
40 miles - The length of the Chase Walk Harriet & Matt completed in a day along with these other Explorer Scouts..
72.37 miles I power walked over the whole month.

Thank you for making the time to visit my blog 
I really appreciate it.

Sheena x


  1. It's such an enjoyable way to see your month

  2. Wow, do I admire anyone who can run!

    ..and how lovely to have been able to getaway for all that crafting. That has to be a good month

  3. Ooh yes *lots* going on. Lots of healthy activity across the whole family that certainly puts my little 15min power walks to the Post Office + back to shame!

    That's a lovely photo of the birthday girl ... and it's quite like your blog profile photo too - she clearly has her Mum's smile.

    I've still got my badges from when I saw Sarah Millican a few years back - they're pinned to my craft tote with all my other random pins.

    Thanks, as ever, for joining me, 've added you to the board now:

    Happy April to you and yours Sheena!

    Julie x

    p.s: I'm feeling hungry and you didn't even blog a foodie photo this month! My stomach must be programmed to rumble in your vicinity [either that or I need to go and get some lunch!]

  4. So great to see all those wholesome kids doing outdoorsy things! Looks like March was good for you and yours. TFS!

  5. A lovely post this month and great photos to go with all your numbers. March must be the time for crafty retreats by the look of it.

  6. Wow! All that running and walking!! Well done to your son and you!

  7. A fab month in numbers - you have been busy and a retreat too - March seems to be very popular for crafty get-togethers