Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Scrapping a song...

When I saw that Scrap365 magazine wanted layouts documenting "music in your life" for their April/May edition, I embarked on making a page I would never have made without their initial push.

Our Mountain to Climb.

The song in question -is "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus. I heard it purely by chance when I needed it most. During the 2 years between the house fire & the new house being rebuilt there were times when I really struggled to stay positive. This song became an anthem to me, giving me strength to keep going & moving forward.
You can hear it here. I printed the song lyrics on the background paper using an A4 printer.
and included the song on a hidden CD for future reference.
The powerful lyrics still bring tears to my eyes reminding me that we have climbed our mountain as a family & lived to tell the tale x


  1. What a moving story to capture with the song x

  2. Never heard the song but considering the mountain we're facing this year I went to listen. Thanks for introducing me to it. I like the design with the lyrics down the middle and the clusters/layers - gives both such strength.

  3. Lovely layout, and great idea to add the CD.

  4. I like that you've included the CD. It's a beautiful page Sheena x