Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Project Life on a Shoestring ... 3

Welcome to the third instalment of Project Life on a Shoestring. In this post I've concentrated on the embellishment of your photos & memories plus using ephemera in your documenting.

Basically it's time to "shop your stash" I can guarantee that you probably have loads of bits & pieces you could use to embellish with. My one top recommendation is to stick with flatish bits so as to not get your album too bulky.  Rather than just list I'll show you pics of them from my albums.

Alpha stickers - in different colours & sizes.
Used Stamps

Washi tape
Washi tape
Wood veneer shapes


Chipboard shapes
Word stickers


Combining all of the above

...ribbons, punched shapes, sewing...
Anything goes with Project Life. I don't worry too much about the colours as my life isn't colour co ordinated therefore neither are my pages & it still works as it's really all about the memories you are recording. Get rooting through your stash for PL supplies :)

It's great to incorporate some of this in too it adds an element of real life to what you document & is particularly good for helping to document with out a photo.
Business cards from cafes, restaurants...
Clothing tags

Cinema tickets & programme booklet pictures
Packaging - this was off the front of our Xmas crackers!

Receipts, menus, napkins,magazine/newspaper cuttings, maps... plus any bits & pieces
 that catch your eye for good titles ( this
 was from my Graze Box) or this shooting 
 target which would normally lie at the bottom
 of a draw!

I tend to collect the ephemera during the month & tuck it in a 12x12 page protector in my album so it is all on hand when I make up my months pages. I don't worry about it all not being acid free TBH.
I hope this post was of some help & I'll talk about storage of supplies next time.x.
You can find my previous posts on this subject here & Here x
Apologies for spacing in this post - blogger not playing today!!


  1. I love seeing what others are doing with their PL project. Some great ideas to add extra interest to your pages.

    Thanks for sharing x

  2. It's good to have a close look at all the little bits x Looks wonderful x

  3. Oh I love using all those things in my PL too. I look forward to your post on storage.

  4. Great tips, thank you. I must say since doing PL I find its a really good way of using up older stash and you're right it really does feel like its an anything goes :)

  5. Some great tips here, thanks for sharing them :)

  6. It looks great - I'm doing the same, using up old stash, some printables and trying to incorporate the ephemera, that's the bit I'm worst at. Love what you've done.

  7. I've only just started a fairly similar system and am doing the same from the start of my boys' lives nearly two years ago - I am coordinating it thus far - I've found I am using up LOADS of old stash, but the process is very slow thus far as I am incorporating all the other sideline stuff too - like my pregnancy journal and blog posts - still, once it's done, I will be much more organised going forward.

    Thanks for the hints and tips - very useful! x