Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Do you have any WIP's ?

...or is it me ?! 
I'm a real sucker for a new pattern & pretty coloured wool!Thats not a problem I know but the issue with that is the half started stuff or Work In Progress's I'm left with, tidied away feeling unloved are a couple of different cushion covers, a hook holder, wrist warmers... to name a few. How do I stop this habit of starting something new. 
I'm very taken with this pattern I saw in a magazine & I think it will look great in the spring.
Here's hoping it gets finished so I can wear it !! Do you get the same problem & is there a cure ?

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  1. I cant possibly comment, I mean, have you seen ALL the projects 'to do' on Pinterest!! Lol

    Ive already got 2 WIP on the go...love the wool and scarf, colours are fab x

  2. That's a lovely looking scarf. If you ever find a cure, let me know. I've stopped counting, but my WIPs/UFOs (unfinished objects) are easily hitting the double figures!

  3. i have a problem actually getting started on a crocheting project as I can't decide what to do first. I do like the look of that scarf though!! x

  4. Oh that scarf looks fabulous, looking forward to seeing it finished lol