Wednesday, 31 October 2012

My Month in Numbers- October

Here is my month viewed in numbers. This great system was created by the lovely Julie Kirk & I've been following it all year.

192 lengths swam in my quest to get fitter.
2 hospital casualties- Matts fractured scaphoid
                    - Harriets trapped thumb :(
500 blog posts published !!!   of which 14 were this month.
£ 110 - the most expensive curry I've ever eaten but so worth it.
9 -   The ninth GoGo getaway & the 8th I've attended . Fab, fun weekend shared with like minded Ladies x
112 miles driven in fog to share a spanish meal with the Swimming Women in Manchester.
1 recipe this month, profiteroles my Husbands favourite pud :)
13.1 miles Dan completed in the Coventry Half Marathon in 2hrs 11 mins.

46 & 15 - the ages of these birthday boys.
Many thanks for looking.

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  1. Some great and some not so great numbers this month!

  2. I hope the walking wounded are doing OK now - I bet you couldn't believe that they both happened so close together!

    We had fog too - but fortunately I only had to drive home from Tesco in it!

    Glad you had a great crafty retreat - Autumn must bring out our social crafty side!

    Thanks for joining in once again, you're on the board:

    A happy, healthy, November to you + yours.

    Julie :-)

  3. what a diverse month of numbers. I hope all the injured parties have recovered well

  4. congrats on the 500th blog post. Looks like you have a good month - ouch to all the injuries.