Wednesday, 10 October 2012

10 on the 10th...iphone apps

Welcome to 10 on the 10th x
Here are 10 of my iphone apps I use on a daily/regular basis.

Blogpress- Its so easy to take a phone photo & blog it straight away with this app & was great when we were on holiday to continue blogging.
 LensLight- Recommended to me by a friend, adds effects over your photos.
 Pinterest- Great app to browse whilst having a spare 5 mins & a cuppa.
 IncrediBooth- Ideal for fun photos with the kids or on a night out :)
Cogs- I'm not a big game player but I do like this one.
MyFitnessPal- Great for watching what you eat & making informed healthy choices & loosing a few pounds. Really easy to use.
 Facebook- We all love to know whats going on, right ?
 Sketches2Scrap- Helpful apps full of sketches to use to boost your mojo.
 Instagram- fab way to share photos with friends.
 Solitaire- I love card games & this is my favourite to play on my phone.
 Hope you enjoyed a quick look at my phone :D pop on over to Shimelles blog to see more 10 on the 10th.
many thanks xxx


  1. Sheena all mention apps are fabulous specially my favorite one's are solitaire and instagram. Have you ever think of making your own android and iphone apps

  2. Fun post. My doctor recommended me MyFitnessPal but have not gotten it yet...

  3. love your list - got most of the apps will have the check out the others, glad you like the Lenslight app - I love it!

  4. Ooh, there's a couple here I'll be checking out! I love apps! x

  5. I've seen a lot of folks recommend MyFitnessPal over similar apps. I'm checking it out now.