Wednesday, 2 May 2012

My Month in Numbers - April

Inspired by Julie Kirk, here is a different view of our April.

23 easter eggs given / received in this house!
15 blog posts written.

69 yrs old - Happy birthday Dad.
 1 new recipe tried - chocolate shortbread.

 2 planes, 1 train & 6 nights in Poland.

273km train ride from Warsaw to Krakow in a Harry Potter style carriage.

2 hard Rock Cafes visited.

135m underground during our visit to Krakow's Salt Mines.

 20 commendations Harriet has been awarded so far this school year.

Hope you enjoyed this view of our April x


  1. Well then ... April seems to be Salt Mine month ... you're the 2nd Month in numbers blogger to visit them. I'm wondering if this is a coincidence or if you kow one another ...

    And those square birthday cakes look *so* nice!

    I've pinned your April to the board now:

    Thanks for joining in, and for the link Sheena. Have a great May.

    Julie :-)

  2. Wonderful adventures and awesome food. :)
    That birthday cake is the most original I´ve seen in a very long while! Very cool idea. Happy belated birthday to your dad.

  3. great numbers Sheena and the shortbread looks delicious! Good luck creating all your month in numbers layouts xx

  4. Hi Sheena - thanks for visiting my blog. I'm a very novice quilt maker - this will be my third - go on take the plunge! Anyway great numbers - a trip to a salt mine certainly sounds different.

  5. Fabulous numbers for this month and the birthday cake looks grand, plus the yummy shortbread too. The salt mines sound fascinating.

    Karen x

  6. Wow, Poland is somewhere I have always been interested in visiting. Was it as cold as I always think it sounds?

    I should have counted all the Easter eggs in the house - very quick thinking!

  7. Such an interesting set of numbers, a quick trip through the month of April in photographs. The shortbread caught my eye. Yummy!! Irene

  8. Enjoyed reading your numbers! It's always interesting to put a trip in numbers isn't it?