Monday, 14 May 2012

Are you a Project Lifer ??

For the past 2 years I've been recording my family's life in a series of albums using the format started by Shimelle, called Document 2010 & Document 2011. These albums are looked at regularly & document all sorts of activities & events plus normal every day life.
The only problem I seemed to have was keeping up to date & last year I fell very far behind :(

This year all the talk is about Project Life, I um'd & ah'd for weeks wondering if I really wanted to do this sort of project again. I looked at lots of blog posts showing completed pages & also saw all the supplies designed already for this.

Well I have bitten the bullet & I'm doing my hybrid version of project life.

January 2012.
This month covers a holiday, a broken finger, a Panic at the Disco concert, our move back home,
house warming gifts, recipes, visitors and much more.
 I fill 4 sides of split page protecters each month & allocate space depending on the size of the event or the amount of photos taken rather than dedicate a week per side as is the norm with Project Life.
Apologies for the shine off the protecters.

Some of the journalling cards I have printed myself from free downloads mainly from Pinterest.
I have to say I decided not to buy anything special to complete this album as lets be honest we all have enough stash, right :) so I've been shopping from my own stuff, finding loads of unused stickers & word sheets as I want to keep the embellishments as flat as possible. All the backing cards are cut from my scraps box so tend to be older papers & it feels great to be using the last of past papers & kits.

The good news is I'm totally up to date with this year & working hard to sort out last year's book too.


  1. Great pages Sheena and your new house is gorgeous! :)

  2. I did not make the plunge into the Project Life way of documenting my life but every time I visit someone who is (just like yours) I feel like I am missing out on something.... maybe next year.... Yours look really fun and I like the fact that you use your stash for it (that is the way to go, imo)
    + Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog today!