Thursday, 10 May 2012

10 on the 10th - Poland

Since our trip to Poland at Easter to visit friends, I've had a number of comments asking how it went & what's it like, so for these reasons I'm going to share with you 10 photos from our trip to give you a taster of the country x

1.Warsaw, Old Town ( through my fisheye camera)
Totally rebuilt after WWII but using plans & photos to recreate it in it's original style.

 2. Polish ice cream - Lody.
Very popular with locals & tourists, comes in hundreds of flavours- too many to choose!
 3. Graffiti.
Lots to be found on walls & buildings usually depicting war & revolution type themes.

 4. Palace of Culture & Science.
231 m high & has a viewing balcony on the 30th floor for a birds eye view of this city.
Luckily it also has a lift :)
 5. Train travel.
We caught a Harry Potter style train between Warsaw & Krakow giving us a better view of the flat Polish countryside planted with root vegetables.
 6. The Cloth Market.
A little bit of heaven for any shopper, lots of stalls selling jewellery, amber, linens, treen...
 7. Auschwitz 1.
A place everyone should see once...
Much smaller than I imagined but the rooms of victims' belongings will be something I'll never forget.

8. Auschwitz 2- Birkenau.
The sheer size of this camp gives you the realisation of how many people never left this place & the remains of the huts give real insight on how the few chosen to work were treated. 

9. The Wieliczka Salt Mines.
A huge tourist attraction & well worth a visit with an English speaking guide. You soon forget how far you are underground as there is so much to see & hear. You can even get married there if the fancy takes you.
10. St Francis' Basilica.
Famous for it's fabulous stained glass windows, with this one entitled "God in the Act of Creation" being the biggest of them all.

I hoped you have enjoyed our whistle stop tour of our week in Poland. We certainly will be returning to visit our friends there again & hope to discover more of this country whilst we are there.

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  1. Wow! Marvelous views! I really like your angles. Amazing night take.

  2. Your trip looked really interesting. I love your fisheye photo.


  3. Thanks for sharing your pictures love the fish eye camera one x

  4. very interesting~enjoyed so much!! great list!!

  5. Thank you for a glimpse at Poland, a place I have never been too... the photos of the camps gave me chills.