Thursday, 12 January 2012

Two years on ...

TWO Years
where on earth has that gone ?!

I can tell you where I was on
& how I was feeling...

but our journey back
towards living in our own home again
is very nearly over.

So today I remember
what I've learnt from our experience.

- There are worse things in life than this.
- I am much stronger than I thought.
- I have the most amazing resilient kids ever.
- Trauma tests a marriage but ours is still strong.
- We love & value having my parents live close.
- True friends know when to help & when to listen
& I have some fabulous friends :)
- Enjoy today as you don't know what tomorrow brings.
- Do more of what makes you happy.
- Home is people not a place.
- Those things you thought you couldn't live without,
well you can!
- Stress has turned my hair grey!
- Never believe a builders time schedule!!

Love you guys


  1. sweetie your strength and your positive attitude is an inspiration, so happy for you that your life is back on track and that the future is looking bright, long may it continue!! x

  2. Sheena my dear, I have just gone back & read through your blog. You have been to hell & back, what has amazed me is your resilience, not just because of what happened 2 years ago, although that in itself took guts, sensibility & courage, but, being a follower of everything Scrapagogo (proud past designer) I never knew, it never came across in your posts, LOs etc.?! You are such a strong lady & from an outsider looking in, you never seemed to miss a heartbeat .... I applaud you Sheena Rowlands, I'm not sure I could do what you have done? your one hell of a lady!!! xx

  3. I wish you and your family all the best in the next chapter of your lives. xx

  4. Here's hoping you share of the bad times are done and you can all start new and happy times in your new house!! Lots of love to you all xxxxx

  5. What a journey, it may have taught you many things but it's definitely one never to be repeated.
    So excited for you guys as you start a new journey :)

  6. You wouldn't have got through the trials of the past two years if you hadn't already been an extraordinary human being. I'm so proud to have such a remarkable woman as my friend. Love you loads xxx

  7. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger and you are living proof of that my dear! New chapter, new memories. A huge well done to all the family for staying strong. love ya x

  8. You are fantastic and I am so proud of you
    Love you

  9. Your have all kept it together and you should all be so proud that you are now nearing the end of this partial chapter in your lives. Hugs to you all


  10. You have been through one hell of a journey and you have all coped so well and all been very strong and there for each other and now you all must be so pleased that you are now back in your new beautiful home. Great to have you back! Hugs, Claire xxx