Sunday, 8 January 2012

One Little Word...

Following an idea started by Ali Edwards,
for the past few years
I've always picked a word at the start of each year,
to help guide me & help me
stay focused for the coming year ahead.

This year is no exception.


1. to take up or go on with again after interruption; continue.
2. to take or occupy again
3. to take or assume use or practise of again
4. to take back.

This is my word.

I totally feel like our lives
since our house fire 2 years ago
have been on hold
with all our time, attention, strength & energy
going in to the complex minefield of sorting our insurance
& supervising the builders.
Even though this process is not quite over yet
I want to shake free of it,
and RESUME my life.

I want to RESUME...

living our lives in our own home
having more quality time with my kids
having lunch dates with my husband
seeing more of my friends
clearing our lock up of the last singed reminders
doing what I enjoy
exercising more
having piano lessons
doing all sorts of crafts.
learning that relaxing is not a waste of time!

Thank you for your patience
if you have read this far!!

I hope to look back at this often to remind myself
of the direction I want to take.

Sheena xxx


  1. Go Sheena!! Hope all your dreams come true sweetie - not long now til you can really RESUME the life you want!! xxxx

  2. brilliant my friend you so need to do it

  3. You can do it love, you will RESUME your life again, love always xxx