Thursday, 15 September 2011

Loving Granny Stripes !!

I'm loving my new hobby, crochet, at the moment & started straight away with a Granny Stripe baby blanket. Im so pleased with how its turned out. There are a few minor imperfections but Im ok with that as it's my first project & its meant to be handmade, right ?
The new owner isn't born yet but I hope he will feel snuggly & warm in my present :)

I even did a shell like edge from instructions on Sarah Youdes blog.
So my next project ?? well I'd like to do another blanket but first a cushion cover or two I think for Miss Harriets new bedroom.
I'll keep you up to date with my progress x

Sheena x


  1. I became crochet obsessed a couple of years ago, I really must get back into it. Your blanket is lovely.

  2. Yummy blankie Sheena , almost as lovely as Sparky !!!!