Saturday, 10 September 2011

10 Moments at V

I realised I'd not shared any photos
of our weekend at V Fest.
So here are my Top 10.

1. Sharing something you love with some you love.

2.Seeing Eminem perform live.
Paul has been a fan since his Slim Shady days.

3. Rihanna
What a performer & she sang my most favourite song
Love the way you Lie with Eminem.

4.The atmosphere was electric.

5. Seeing a surprise birthday message
to me go up in front of the crowd :)

6. Watching Jessie J give an amazing performance
despite being in obvious pain.

7. Watching people read the back of Paul's
T-shirt listing all the bands.

8. feeling united by music.

9. K T Tunstall showing what an
awesome musician she really is.

10. Watching the sunset
whilst listening to live music.
many thanks for taking the time to look.
I'm really pleased with the quality of the photos
we managed to take.


  1. Some great shots Sheena, they really give a flavour of the festival :)

  2. Wonderful photos...up close and personal, for sure!

  3. What great pics froma hard-to-photograph event. Well done

  4. This is a great list & photos are so evocative of the concert. Love the sunset!

  5. Great photos Sheena, looks like an awesome day out xx

  6. Amazing, amazing festival photos - what a great birthday present!

  7. Wow - lovely photos, really caught the atmosphere. Thanks for sharing them :) x

  8. These are really fab pics! You look like you had a total blast.

  9. Brilliant shots Sheena, looks like you had a fabulous time. Just catching up a little and am so glad to see your new home is almost completed :-)

  10. Great photos Sheena. We've booked for next year and I'm excited already!