Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Decisions, decisions...

This is our situation at the moment! we are being asked to make decisions on what feels like a daily basis.
I know you are probably thinking we have had loads of time to make all our choices & you would be right but it can be terribly hard to make costly decisions when you can't even visualise the room its for as it isn't even built !!

What we are thinking about at the moment is...

stair spindles.
Front door style.

New bed for us, I've been cutting & ripping up house mags for months!
Carpet for bedrooms & lounge.
Internal doors.

Kids bedding/ curtains...

Whilist being very exciting all this choosing is very time consuming & energy draining & I dread us making an expensive mistake.

Hopefully we should be in some time in November so please keep your fingers crossed that it all runs smoothly from now on x

Sheena x

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