Wednesday, 10 August 2011

10 Things... look forward to
in the coming month.
( in no particular order)

1)My first festival experience.

2) more school holiday lie ins :)

3) blue skies & sunshine - hopefully.

4) Loads of scrapping,
with ScrapaGoGo's September DT kit
& celebrating Moxley massive's 6th birthday.

5) Dan's return

6) Dan's GCSE results!

7) My Birthday
- gonna need a few more candles than this!!

8) Catch up.
Talking, eating & meeting up
with friends which is so much easier in the holidays.

A day at the largest display of Quilts in Europe.

10) Big school shopping.
The excitement of sorting uniform & stationary with Harriet
for the step up to Seniors.

This is one busy month
& you may see some of these subjects
as future blog posts in their own right.
What do you have planned ?

Thank you for watching


  1. Certainly looks like a busy month. I went to V Festival many years ago - my first and only festival experience - you'll have a blast.

  2. Lovely lot of expectant events/happenings

  3. Looks like lots of things to look forward too. I'm looking forward to watching my daughter compete in the National Aerobic's Championships in a couple of weeks.

  4. Hi Sheena
    Enjoy the V festival and happy Birthday when it comes!!

  5. Looks like lots of fun things to celebrate! Enjoy. :)

  6. Oh wow,Sheena. How exciting, festival, new school, exam results, birthday...plenty to celebrate!

  7. It does sound like you will be busy. Have fun!

  8. you are going to be bsy~my son wento the jamobree years ago and loved it. New follwer~would love for you to check me out!!!

  9. sounds like you have some fun things planned for this month!

  10. Lots of exciting things to look forward to. Enjoy x

  11. Hope you have a wonderful month - I've never been to a festival and only went to my first ever concert this year! Wishing you sunshine and no showers :)