Sunday, 10 July 2011

10 Moments in Mugs !!

It's time for Shimelle's 10 Things.
This month I've gone totally random !!

Years ago we used to have pretty
matching mugs but slowly odd ones have crept in.
As a BIG tea drinker
I open the mug cupboard door A LOT !
I always take a moment to choose
the right mug for that tea break.
Let me introduce you to 10 of my favourites :)

My Parents had this made especially for me
when I was a student nurse
as you can't get items with my name on usually !

This was a gift from a fabulous friend
that knows I love Cath Kidston, chickens
& tea !

A fathers day gift for my husband
from his kids
it's nearer to the truth than I should admit !

I love these little momiji dolls
& this mug is as cute & as dainty as they are.

We got this at a Madness concert last year.
You could only purchase it after the show
was over in case you threw it at the band !!

My scouting name is Fox.

A souvenir from our many
outings to the German Christmas market
in Birmingham.

Another of Hubbys from the kids!
The joke goes...
Mum loves Manatees
Mum loves Dad
Dad = manatee!!

From The Greatest Show on Earth
at Downtown Disney Florida.

A Gaudi reminder from our repeated trips to

I've toyed with the idea of making a mug mini book
but as it's never happened
this is there
5 minutes of fame!
Thank you for taking the tour x


  1. I love seeing all your mugs:) That mug would be very appropriate for my husband too! I would love to see Cirque du Soleil one day. My daughter has one of those momiji mugs too:)

  2. love it, takes me ages to choose a mug for tea too, there's only a couple i like to drink from lol!

  3. Great mugs ... never thought mugs could tell a story xxx