Thursday, 24 March 2011

More sneak peeks...

Here are the peeks for my
other 2 GoGo getaway classes.


'Get in line to make a 12x12 creation that is totally rad! Chip away to make a great impression, this is our primary aim, although a squirt along the way may mist your vision you will certainly not be board. No need for wearing plaid trousers to class although an Echo of retro clothes may be spotted!'


'Develop a little fun and unpredictable beauty in the realms of plastic toy cameras from the past, some may say we are a little hip in this approach but the results are almost (auto)matic! So lets filter in a snapshot for this 12x12 LO class, a tint of lo-fi film and get snapping for success.'

I'm getting really excited now,
this time tomorrow we will be all set up
& ready to roll.
It's going to be an AMAZING weekend.


  1. Sheena, those sneaks look great, wish I were going, it might have provided the inspiration (read kick up the backside) that I need :-( Just received my last GoGo box but haven't scrapped for months.

  2. Hi, Sheena! Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comment!