Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Beginning of the end...

About bl**dy time !!
We are one week away from the first anniversary
of the fire
& finally the demolition crew have started
to take apart whats left, whilst salvaging all they can.
There have been a number of factors
that have contributed to this taking so long to start
but these seem to finally be resolving.

They are removing all of one end so they can get the heavy machinery in.
I find it hard to know how to feel as I watch this unfold,
pleased, that we have some progress but
mournful in a way, for a home we all loved.

I plan to continue blogging as usual
but with a selection of progress reports
added in, so you can share with me
the ups & downs of
building a house from scratch.



  1. Shall be watching with interest, hope it all goes well - can't believe it's been a year!!

  2. I am so pleased for you that it's finally starting. Here's to a smooth rebuild. Thinking of you all xx

  3. WOW what an adventure you're in for, highs and lows but it's all part of the process that's gonna be sooooooooooooo worth it :)

  4. Shows I hadn't looked out of my window today, as didn't even know they had been there! So I will be watching too from the rear of the house - glad to see that progress is now being made and you can start to rebuild your home, which from the plans looks to be a very lovely one indeed and it will all be worth it and you can move on. I can fully understand how emotional this will be for you all - that year has gone very quickly indeed. Hugs, Claire x

  5. Finally the start of an life journey. Looking forward to following your blog and your highs and lows. All the waiting will be worth while in the long run. Big Hugs xxx