Saturday, 15 January 2011

All Complete

Over the last few days
I've been working on finishing my
GoGo Yearbook 2010

and here it is complete :)

I just love it.
It's just the right size to flick through easily
plus a great reminder of all the fab ScrapaGoGo
kits I've had each month.

Here are Novembers pages
featuring snow, my car accident
a fab weekend away & a early xmas dinner !!
Finally, Decembers pages
featuring a Madness Concert, more snow !
Dan turning 16 & a trip to the german market.
ScrapaGoGo are running
a new project this year called
A Month in Review
& I'll tell you all about it soon x



  1. Looks great Sheena nothing more satisfying than finishing a project. Reminds me I had better start finishing some of mine :-)