Friday, 10 December 2010

on this day...

December 10th, 16 years ago,
my life changed forever.
I became a MUM for the first time.
The thrill of holding you in my arms
will never leave me.
The intervening years have seen many changes
and we have watched you grow and mature into
a wonderful young man
We are very proud of you son
happy 16th birthday.
Mum x


  1. Aww Happy Birthday Dan - he is as tall as Matt!!! And he towers above me too. It doesn't seem 5 minutes does it since they were tiny babies. Hope he has a fab day! Hugs, Claire x

  2. Hope he and you all had a great day. Happy Birthday. xxx

  3. what a lovely couple of pics you look so proud and may I say that he is a good looking young man xx