Monday, 28 June 2010

day tripper

On saturday Harriet & I headed off to london on the train especially to see the Elephant Parade.
I'd seen a few pics of the elephants on FB and Harriet was keen but they were scattered all over London & I thought it would be too much for her so when we heard that the majority were in one place, the Royal Chelsea Hospital for 1 weekend, we thought why not.
The elephants were set out in rows, with over 200 to see !
The hot weather bought hundreds of people out to see them.
They were amazing up close and some were being repaired by artists ready to be auctioned off.

Harriets favourite - Cloudia
My favourite - Frank

It was great spending time together, just the 2 of us and after a wander down the King's road we finished off with tea at the Hard Rock cafe before boarding our train home.

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  1. You look like you had a fantastic day girls:D