Monday, 21 September 2015

Me on Monday

Today I'm joining in with this meme from Sian. 
Another busy weekend here with an IG, Insta Girls meet up at the Great Sheep Round Up, seeing all 120 Shauns in one place. The Girl volunteering as part of her D of E despite feeling off colour & I know lots of you were enjoying the Rugby but I was so thrilled to have Downton back, just a shame it's the last series.
Today finds me playing nurse to a poorly girl, typical after just week at school!
Have a good week x


  1. Oh I do like the Shaun sheep - especially the fruit and veg Shaun(s). We don't get Downton Abbey until January - there better be a happy ending for Edith! Hope you have a good week and that your daughter is well soon.

  2. I was very jealous of Jo getting to meet up with you this weekend x

  3. It's always so lovely to read about a meet up :) I hope your girl is back on her feet, ready for another week: you're right, that first week seems to see germs everywhere.

    Have a great week Sheena

  4. Hope your daughter is better now - sounds like you had a really fun weekend