Monday 7 September 2015

Me on Monday x

Today I'm taking part in this meme from Sian
This weekend has found me having the most wonderful time celebrating the 10th birthday of our crop, Moxley Massive with friends. The organisers Lisa & Deb did an amazing job providing lovely classes, great meals & an all round fabulous time creating wonderful memories.
Today found me showing my lovely friend Eileen around my home town.Taking in the Cathedrals, Lady Godiva & The Herbert Art Gallery.
Hope you have a good week.
Sheena x


  1. What a lovely weekend you had, you've got some great photos there x

  2. Great photos of a lovely weekend...your crop sounds like so much fun!! Txx

  3. Wow the crop looked fabulous fun! Is that Humpty Dumpty I spy? Brings back memories!

  4. The crop looks fantastic. A weekend full of friends and fun.

  5. With all the talk of scrapping becoming less popular as a hobby it's wonderful to see a 10th anniversary being celebrated. I hope you are all cropping for many more years to come!

    And you've got a picture of Humpty!! What a great start to the week :)