Monday, 17 August 2015

Me on Monday.

Today finds me joining in with this meme from Sian x
We have had a lovely weekend which included a visit to Coughton Count NT House & gardens, some mega ironing catch up & an invitation to an impromptu barbecue with a few cheeky glasses of wine :)
Today finds us having some emergency orthodontic treatment for a broken brace.
Hope you have a lovely week x
Sheena x


  1. I'm refusing to look at the last picture lol. Makes me go cold just the thought of it x

  2. Looks like a fun gathering, and I feel about my own must-do ironing catch-up the way you must feel about that last shot. Happy Monday, nonetheless.

  3. Love a visit to a good NT property and impromptu gatherings are the best. We've just started orthodontic treatment here for my youngest. He ought he only needed a top brace then they discovered he had two adult teeth missing at the bottom once x-rayed so needs a bottom one too :( hope the visit wasn't too painful x

  4. Ooh: hope the dentist visit was over with nice and quickly. What a way to start the week!

    ..though with a bit of luck it will improve from there. Your photo collage is lovely

  5. we've had a few of those broken brace problems here! A impromptu get together are usually the best ones x

  6. Bleurgh! Hate the dentist! Have a great week xx