Monday, 8 June 2015

Me on Monday.

Today you find me joining in again with this meme created by Sian.
For me it was a weekend full of blue skies, teaching classes to lovely Ladies in Wanborough, laughing, reminiscing, Giraffe eating, cocktail drinking from jam jars...
Today finds me enjoying more sunshine in our garden whilst resting my tired feet.
Hope you have a good week x
Sheena x


  1. loving the look of your camera album - will you be sharing it here in more detail? its been nice to have blue sky's x

  2. The cocktail drinking sounds especially good.

  3. oh Sheena you lucky person!! Warming those toes in the sun!! Its chilly winter here!

  4. What a gorgeous summery collage! You've brought the sunshine to's a bit thin on the ground round here at the moment. I'm up for a cocktail..

    Have a great week Sheena

  5. Giraffe eating? The animal or the restaurant I wonder?!! Those cocktails look good!