Monday 4 May 2015

Me on Monday.

This bank holiday weekend found me... my local crop -The Moxley Massive, taking part in a 2hr scrap lo challenge, having friends round for dinner, celebrating with some fizz, reliving our childhood playing traditional games, having a lie in, hair curling for DD & tucking into impromptu made cookies that filled the tray!! x 
Today sees me making the most of the weather getting dirty fingers rather than green!!
There is nothing like a little gardening to remind you of your age!!
Thank you Sian for devising this meme x


  1. "There is nothing like a little gardening to remind you of your age!!" If you say so ole girl ;)

  2. Prosecco and Chambourd - a perfect combination!

  3. lol! Too true. I have managed to escape gardening today because the weather is so bad. Aw, no..that's another sign of age, isn't it? talking about the weather?

    Have a great week Sheena!

  4. I used to love playing Kerplunk! Sounds like a great weekend.

  5. Looks like a wonderful weekend - and my husband would agree with you on that last point. He says it gives him sore muscles in places he doesn't experience when working out at the gym.