Monday, 16 February 2015

Valentine Postcard Exchange.

After enjoying being part of her last postcard swap, I was pleased when Sian announced her next one to coincide with Valentines Day.
I sent 7 cards in total 2 overseas, 4 in the UK & 1 to Sian as a thank you. I bought a couple of cards then hit on the idea of making the others so they could feature something I love.
Silk WW1 postcards. I have collected these for nearly 20 years & have a few hundred now.They have been picked up from markets, car boots & antiques fairs over the years. I just love the fact they still survive, have beautiful colours and some have wonderful messages written in beautiful penmanship on the reverse giving you a tiny glimpse in to the lives of the writer & recipient.

As the cards sent to me arrived they were popped behind the clock on the mantlepiece waiting for Valentines Day.
Miriam sent me this card she made featuring a photo she took which arrived in a handmade envelope.
Pauline sent me this lovely card from sunny Scotland.
Kirsty sent me this card which features her local church.
Julie sent this beautiful card inviting me to colour outside the lines.
From America I received this card from Deb featuring heart shaped stones her husband finds for her.
I've really enjoyed receiving these cards, studying their pictures & reading their messages. Many thanks to my senders for taking the time to write to me your cards made this Valentines day all the more special x

Sheena x


  1. oooh your collection of postcards is wonderful - would be nice to see some more.

  2. What an eclectic group - very fun!

  3. Oh I can't tell you how much I'm lusting after your postcard collection