Friday, 6 February 2015

Blood swept lands & seas of red.

Last month we were thrilled to receive our long awaited poppy. In fact 2 poppies as I had purchased one as a surprise for my parents too. I love the fact mine still has a little mud on it. I've decided not to wash it but now need to find a way to show it off whilst keeping it safe. Any suggestions welcome x 
This arriving reminded me of our visit to London last November to see them. Whilst staying with friends we had the chance to see the poppies both in the day & in the dark. The sheer size of this installation generated a range of feelings amongst the crowds as the reality hit that each poppy represented one person, one life.
Maybe it's because I'm a scrapbooker but I really wish there could have been some  memorabilia on sale there for visitors to help raise more funds for the charity. I for one would have bought postcards or ariel photos as keepsakes of our visit.
I would your advice on displaying my poppy.
Many thanks.
Sheena x


  1. I was so pleased I was able to get a poppy for my Mum, as she didn't get a chance to visit. I was going to take her in half term, but she had the news about the huge crowds and doesn't like London at the best of times. I've seen a couple displayed beautifully in box frames with the accompanying ephemera from the box. Other friends are putting theirs in the garden and my Mum has a large vase to put in the corner of her lounge. She hasn't decided yet what to put in there with it.

  2. I'll be watching this space too as I still haven't decided what to do with mine. I have to be able to trust that it will not get broken!!

  3. I have mine but still not sure how to display it x x
    All ideas gratefully received x

  4. You're right - maybe postcards would have been an extra opportunity to raise funds.

    It's a wonderful thing to own - quite a few scrapbookers seem to have received one. I wonder, obviously that thing about collecting and preserving a moment in time appeals

  5. I know what you mean about displaying the poppies. Still looking for ideas xx