Friday, 14 November 2014

My DIY Washi Storage.

Trying to find a way of storing my washi has been a bit of an issue for me for some time. Firstly I had them in a tin, well that was fine till my love & collection started to grow. Then I popped them in to decorative glass jars but I found I could never find the one I wanted when I needed it. Then I researched some washi holders on the internet but they often had the tape secured in a holder which meant if I was packing page kits for the crop or my tote for a retreat I would have to take the holder completely apart to take my favourites.Then my Husband suggested an idea that just had to be tried...
Using towel rails from Ikea.
In fact we used 4 rails but removed one rod from each rail which was really easy to do, to allow the washi to hang down without touching the row below.
We attached them onto the side of an old set of drawers in my craft space.
The rails still move outwards if I want them too. Also I can see them all making choosing much easier especially now they are grouped in colours  plus they can be easily removed.
I even have room for a few more!!!
I hope you like it. Let me know how you store yours :)
Sheena x


  1. WOW ! what a fab idea, if I ever get my craft room sorted I'm taking this idea x

  2. Great idea. I've been looking for a better storage system too, as the big old sweetie tub that they're stored in, just isn't working. I do love this idea, but I don't have anything to attach it too

  3. What a great idea! My washi is lurking in a tin and gets forgotten half the time.

  4. Oh my word! Have you got every design available? It looks fabulous xx

  5. first thought was...and there's room for more x