Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Boxing Clever.

Yesterday was my Husbands birthday & even though I don't usually make many cards I wanted to try & make something special for him. I had a good look on Pinterest but for once nothing caught my eye so I headed over to the silhouette store & purchased a couple of files which were right up his street x
Box cards have been all the rage this year and as he is a golf fanatic I knew he would be really pleased with it.
As the silhouette did all the cutting all I had to do was assemble it. The trophy part I took from a football card file they have, as Hubby has been lucky enough to win some silverware whilst playing recently.
The mechanics of these cards never cease to impress me and he loved it too.
Many thanks for looking x
Sheena x


  1. Great card - much give this box cards a try.

  2. I do like this box cards and yours turned out beautifully x

  3. I've never made a box card, it looks quite difficult. I bet he was over the moon with it, it's fabulous