Thursday, 30 October 2014

A bit of Amigurumi!

Well I think thats what it's called when you crochet little animals! 
I'd like to introduce you to Emma the Bunny. She's a real cutie and the first but definitely not the last animal I'll crochet using patterns from Edwards menagerie by Kerry Lord.
Kerry is based at Toft, an alpaca farm set locally to us which is really worth a visit & has a wonderful cafe there now too.
 Here's a back view.
The book contains over 40 patterns so as I work my way through I'll introduce you to a few more :)

Sheena x


  1. Oh Sheena - is there no end to your talents? You clever lady - he is sooooo sweet xxx

  2. I didn't know you crocheted Sheena. What a gorgeous bunny. Puts my little attempt at amigurumi to shame, but gives me something to aspire to. I didn't get very far with the pattern I was following because it called for stitch markers which I didn't have. Will have another go once the children are back at school.

  3. Lovely! I'll be looking out to see what else you make because I think this will be where I'm headed to next after I finish my Granny Squares

  4. Seriously!!! You can crochet too!!! Oh what can't you do :). I adore these little crochet animals, when and if I ever get the hang of crochet, I'd love to make something this gorgeous