Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Scavenger Hunt (4) - Sunshine Coast and more.

This is my forth instalment of Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt created by Rinda. It's our second year participating & we love searching with our list whilst on holiday.Here are a few more of our captures...
8) A tattoo on a person.
Whilst doing this hunt, I've come to realise I don't know many people with tattoos but I knew on our Rainbow Reunion my friends Hubby had one from his submariner days & this is it. 
10)Photo bomb.
We were having a pic taken on a segway tour on Morton Island when a member of staff shot by on a Quad bike & got herself right in the centre of our photo :D
21) Photo with something representing the season.
It may have been winter in Australia but it felt like summer to me so a Magnum was in order.
When we left Australia we were still short of a few photos but managed to snag these on our way home.
11) A Horn.
In fact these are air horns found for sale in  a market in Hua Hin, Thailand.
1) A sign welcoming people to your home town.
This pic was snapped out of the car window on our way home from the airport. I was so pleased to see we were nearly home after a very long journey.
Many thanks for looking.Just one more instalment to go.

Sheena x


  1. Lovely collection of photos and memories.

  2. The Segway photo is a corker lol. Looks like a great hunt.

  3. haha to the photo bomb! great pics!