Wednesday, 8 May 2013

You still make my heart flutter...

Today we are celebrating 20 years since we got married on a dry but windy day in Wimbledon Village surrounded by friends & family.

A lot has happened in that time both good & bad, happy & sad but together we have come through it all, albeit it older & greyer!  Plus we are parents to 3 amazing children who make us proud to be their parents.

So today I am going to spend a very enjoyable day in the company of my man xxx

This is a card I made especially for Paul, using an idea I saw on Fay's blog & with  mathamatic help from Eileen! all using my silhouette.I wanted a "carved on a tree" look which I think I've achieved :)


  1. Happy Anniversary! here's to many more years together.

    That's a very clever card :)

  2. Happy Anniversary - love the kid (I may scraplift it!). Enjoy your break! XX

  3. Should have written love the card!!!! Sorry

  4. Happy Anniversary. A gorgeous card Sheena - you achieved the look!

    there's an app for calculating days between dates....just in case x

  5. I love your card Sheena - excellent!

  6. Happy Anniversary, oh I Adore this card, I may steal your idea if you don't mind, for our silver anniversary this year