Monday, 10 September 2012

10 on the 10th - Holiday Souvenirs

Welcome to my 10 on the 10th post dedicated to our recent trip to Singapore & Australia. We came home with more than we took which is totally normal for us & I thought you would like to see the types of things we got.

1.Edibles x These chocs are the only way to eat a Koala!!
2. Used stamps x I plan to add these to my travel journals & my future layouts.
3. Stationary x We found a store called Typo, kinda like paperchase & I bought a few bits to craft with.
4. Hat! x Matt just had to have one of these !
5. Sew-on badges x For adding to our Scout camp blankets.
6. Turtle x I'm not a great lover of soft toys but I just had to have these cutie to remind me of our turtle     swim.
7. Pin Badges x Especially from the Hard Rock Cafe as Matt collects them. We visited 6 Hard Rocks on our tour!
8. Fabric x Silk & brocade bought in Little India, Singapore. Not sure what I'll make with it yet but Harriet has her eye on the purple fabric already for her room!
9. Mug x From Universal Studios Singapore featuring my favourite character :)
10. Kangaroo x Beaded model that Paul wanted to go in our lounge as a reminder of our month away.

Hope you enjoyed seeing our treasure x
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  1. What fun items to remember your holiday by. I myself wouldn't mind having that purple fabric in my room - and of course, those bits and bobs for scrapping look like loads of fun.

  2. Oh! Im too late. I was hoping to be first on the list for the fabric. Great list.

  3. Awesome! I love keepsakes like this. I especially love the hard rock pins!! Fun. :)

  4. lovely souvenirs and I do like your stationary finds

  5. love the badges and the kangaroo :)

  6. Some great momentos from your travel. Love the Kangaroo x