Sunday, 12 August 2012

Had a blast in Sydney

The second phase of our trip is over already & what a great time we had despite having very mixed weather.

We walked around the Botanical Gardens taking in the views of the Harbour.

We caught up with my cousin, her husband & beautiful daughters. Loving their company & their awesome home xxx

We sailed around the Harbour area enjoying an Aussie afternoon tea.

We spent a wet afternoon at the vintage fairground Luna Park.

We ate shed loads of stunning icecream with chocolate salted caramel being my top favourite.

We visited the Blue Mountains & the 3 Sisters.

We visited Featherdale Wildlife Centre & fed wallabys & Roos by hand.

I hope we will return here again as we have so enjoyed our short stay.

Sheena x

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  1. It sounds amazing and I love the sunset photo. Glad youre having such a fun time x