Thursday, 15 December 2011

A Real Change

Here is a Lo
I made recently whilst away with friends.
It features Me !!
in a lovely photo taken by Anna Bowkis.

A real change ??
Firstly many thanks Jackie for the title
& oh yes it is a big change,
I'm talking about the colour
I'm wearing!!
As a "strawberry blonde"
I've always avoided this sort of colour
but this blouse was an impulse buy
& everybody loves it,
so I certainly will wear it again.

I am so going to miss Sassafrass papers,
the colours were perfect here.
The brick pattern was inked through a mask.

Hope you like it.
Thanks for looking x


  1. Your welcome love. A fab layout and you look brill. xxx

  2. Dear Sheena, I hope it is ok but I have scraplifted this fab layout and adapted it according to the papers etc that I had to use in a class at my local craft store. I will credit you as the original designer and I don't get paid for it (just love crafting). You can see the layout here
    and contact me on lythandotnevardatgmaildotcom if you want to discuss it further. I would have emailed you but can't find how. thanks Lythan