Monday, 12 December 2011

Journal Your Chistmas 1-5

I've taken part in this project over at least the last 4 Christmas's. I love the idea of recording the big & the small things that make Christmas so very special plus all the family activities & birthdays that fall in this month too.
The only down side for me is I never finish my journal on time & end up playing catch up over a few months.
So this year I thought long & hard about whether I should start a journal whilst packing up a house to move but the family consensus was YES.
I've gone for a different size & I'm limiting both the time I spend on the pages & the amount of embellishment too to try to help me stay on track... so here are 1-5.

Thanks for looking x
Sheena x


  1. Loving this journal already, hope you enjoyed you chocolate tree xxx

  2. Great pages Sheena, what size did you use?