Thursday, 4 March 2010

What a week...

This week has certainly had a medical feel to it. After a week of being house bound my Bro is now getting back to normal. Only time will tell if the surgery has been successful. In the mean time he has to go back to work and get on with his life hoping the symptoms to not recur.
I after a minor procedure at my GP's I now have 5 stitches in my calf and yesterday ended up having blood tests, x-rays and a MRI scan all for a sore mis-shapen thumb !! I'll fill you in on the outcome when i get the results.

House update: Investigations are ongoing to find out how much damage has actually occurred. This in tails lifting floors and opening the wall cavities and will go on during the next few weeks. Paul has been back regularly during this process but I still find it so upsetting, hopefully as we start to plan the rebuild I will find it a little easier.
I am going away this weekend with some scrapping friends I've not seen for a while & Im so looking forward to their company , if any scrapping gets done, then it's a bonus .

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