Saturday, 20 March 2010

Desperately seeking mojo ...

I am finding it harder than I thought to get back in to scrapping. It has moved down my priority order since the fire and not just because I now lack supplies. I hadn't realised how big a part my wellbeing and mood played in whether I scrapped or not. I have to confess there has been times when I thought Why scrap anymore? Why not do something else,nothing else ? but deep down this hobby does make me happy and i'm going to persevere at it for now and see how it goes.

I have been looking at sketch sites for inspiration and this page is from a Sketchy Thursday sketch

Just a simple page of the 5 of us on holiday in spain.

This page Faster Faster is using the March visual challenge from Butterfly Crafts
showing Harriet ( the speed monster !) sliding down our road in the snow. The look on her face says it all !!

I would like to thank all who have kindly bought / donated craft supplies to me, I hope i'm doing them justice x
Thank you for visiting my blog, I really appreciate and read all comments x


  1. Sheena, keep at it hun .... you've gone through alot lately and the way you feel is only natural. It would be such a shame for you to stop now as your creations are just fab and I wish I could scrap as well as you! Your mojo will return, just take pleasure from the amount of new friends you have made via your scrapping weekends, etc and the fact you are a DT for gogo - I'm sure this phase will pass, your creativity will return and you will become more positive again and be happy with your productions. Trust me. You take care, Claire xx

  2. sheena i'm so proud if you keeping it going, you really are an inspiration x

  3. i mean 'of you' keeping it going! xx

  4. Gorgeous snowy page Sheena, are you going to the NEC?? Give me a call if you wnat to meet up. Am off work Mon if you want a chat/coffee. XXXX

  5. Lovely layout Sheena. I know what you mean about the moods if I don't scrap often I'm really ratty with everyone. Crazy but true.
    Keep smiling, and I hope Dan is on the mend now.


  6. Lovin' the LO here & in the gallery.
    Looking forward to next weekend :)

  7. Sheena, found your blog for the first time. Didn't realise just what had been happening to you recently (hugs) You're right I think about how much wellbeing and mood influence our creativity. Love the layouts x