Friday, 8 January 2010

Word for the year

I know i'm a little late and this year is already underway but choosing a word for this year has taken me a little while.
I can hear you thinking WHAT !!
It does make some sense, honest.
This year I want to mentally take a step back and enjoy my life
and really appreciate what I have got
in terms of family, friends, health ,my home ,
my scrapbooking , my scouting ,
I want to embrace all the new challenges that come my way
and most of all
I want to hear myself laugh more often.


  1. Good for you girlie
    It's easy to get so wrapped up with everything that we forget to relish what we have.
    Looking forward to hearing you laugh.

  2. So that's not Branston Pickle then??:D
    Great idea for a word, the only one i could think of was 'employed'!!!!!!