Friday, 13 November 2009

A gift from Paul...

For getting my Nights away permit (see previous post ) Paul surprised me with a little gift.
Sorry for the poor photo !! This little silver troll bead is 2 cute mice on a piece of cheese.
Odd choice you may think but Paul always tells a story about when we first moved to this house and in the evenings I would see a mouse in our kitchen !! At this point I would point out we live opposite a farm !! Anyway to start with I was mad enough to think we only had ONE mouse,how wrong could i be !!We ended up getting proffessional help to sort out the problem.
So this is why he chose this bead.


  1. Lucky you, but it does remind me that we probably have a mouse running about the house (one the cat let go last week) at the moment!!!

  2. Congrats Sheena - what a lovely thing for him to do - and a great memory. xxx