Thursday, 12 November 2009

Beaver Sleepover

As you probably already know I am a Beaver Scout leader.Eventhough my own children have moved on to other sections of the Movement ,I have stayed with the Beavers.This age group (6-8 yrs) are so much fun and so eager to learn that it makes our meetings really enjoyable.

Well last weekend I organised a Sleepover for the Beavers at our local Scout campsite, which was held in a beautiful centrally heated log cabin ajoining a small field and surrounded by woodland.For some this was their first expirence of being away from home overnight.I great team of Leaders and friends assissted me to make this very special for all taking part.
We had a packed programme including tracking by day and by night ,rocket launching ,archery ,firework iced biscuits ,campfire....

We all had an amazing weekend and i was totally thrilled when my assessor visited us and granted me my indoor permit ,to enable me to take Beavers on sleepovers in the future as the Permit Holder.


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