Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Me on Monday

Late again but what the heck... here I am joining in with this meme from Sian x
This weekend has been the most special as we celebrated being parents for 21 years!! I still can't believe it, this boy has towered over me for many years but how can he be 21.
We also did what we have done on this weekend for the last 21 years - put up our tree. It's a birthday tradition. It has a night with just lights before the real decorating begins.
Monday found me getting ready for a Xmas night out with the girls x
Have a good week.


  1. That's really special! I'm sure you look back every year to that new and exciting kind of Christmas. Happy Birthday to him!

    Have a great week Sheena

  2. Sorry I'm late popping by. My youngest has become a teenager today ... where do those years disappear? Have a lovely weekend - love you tree just as it is!

  3. Isn't it amazing that 21 years can just zip by. Congrats to him and his parents!!