Monday, 20 July 2015

Me on Monday.

Here I am again joining in with this lovely meme from Sian x
Our weekend started early with a lovely curry out with friends on Friday. Saturday had us all doing different things, camping, playing golf & movie marathoning. A slower Sunday featured a spontaneous trip to the movies & surprise iced biscuits for pud x
Today finds me helping with the Jamboree packing, rolling t shirts army style & naming kit. What would you choose to pack for 3 weeks in Japan? this teen has minion chopsticks, inflatable crocodile & selfie stick!! I cant wait for the photos!!!
Have a good week x
Sheena x


  1. i should think a selfie stick should be top of everyone's holiday i've said that i must remember to pack mine x great photos x

  2. There are so many of us waving at the traveling Sian. Great to see what you've been up to. The photos really capture your daily life.

  3. ..and here I am catching up a little late over the pile of holiday unpacking here. I love the idea of packing some minion chopsticks. Essential.

  4. The minion chopsticks are inspired choice!