Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Birthday Girl x

As I'm sure I write every year, I can't believe how quickly time is passing. 
This day 15 years ago we were eagerly awaiting the late arrival of our baby girl Harriet Rose to make our family complete.
Over the past 15 years she has matured into a wonderful, kind, creative, determined young lady who makes us proud to be her parents.
Harriet x
Happy Birthday Darling x
We hope your day is filled with fun, laughter & lots of cake xxx

Mum & Dad xxx


  1. Happy Birthday Harriet, Hope you have a fab day xxx

  2. Happy Birthday to Harriet - i love her name. My Harry would have been a Harriet if he 'd been a girl x x

  3. Happy belated birthday to her - and congrats to you on raising such a fine daughter.